Access our Facilitator’s Pool!

We have a pool of facilitators trained in network weaving and action coaching who are available to support self-organizing by helping people with ideas engage others with similar interests and move their idea into action. If you have an idea to pitch to others in the network and would like some support moving things along our facilitators can help you figure out how to move the idea to action!

If you are trying to do something in your work or community that contributes to equity and well-being, our coaches can be available to support you. They can offer:

  • Coaching
  • support for planning or facilitating a meeting or event
  • help with strategy
  • offer tools and materials to support your work

Meet our facilitators

Teri Brezner

Teri Brezner has over 12+ years of experience in designing, facilitating and managing leadership and community development projects for 100s of social change leaders fighting for a more just and sustainable world. She currently leads the strategy, programming and facilitation for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fellowship networks at the Environmental Leadership Program. Her passion for building inclusive communities stems from her experiences growing up as a third culture kid and learning how to navigate predominately white spaces as a womxn of color.

Solange Monono

Solange Monono is a Health and Wellness Coach with over ten years of experience. She has spent the last eight years working with clinics and healthcare organizations to improve patient’s health, promote clear communication and collaboration between patients and their providers. She is passionate about addressing socioeconomic disparities that prevent communities of color from achieving optimal health goals. She is currently working at community wellness center in the Minneapolis, MN area, to improve population health and systemic change in how we deliver healthcare.

Rasheeda Hawk, PHD

Rasheeda Hawk is a biophysicist whose research focus is in epigenetics and health disparities.  Her current project involves the effects of the toxic lead contamination problem in Watts and the community’s well-being.  She is also actively involved in urban farming through Los Angeles Community Garden Council.

Nichole Oocumma

Nichole Oocumma, BSDH, MA, CHES, CHSE is the Director of Professional Education, Faculty Development and the International Scholars Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio. Her experience includes ownership of a consulting firm, Advanced Educational Resources, where she worked with government and industry clients to develop and implement learning infrastructure and individual, team and department talent / leader effectiveness programs.

Molly Rose Kaufman

Molly Rose Kaufman is a journalist, community organizer and youth worker.  Her writing has appeared in YES! Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine and the New York Times.  She is the cofounder and director of the University of Orange, a free people’s urbanism school dedicated to education for equitable cities.  She was a 2016 Civic Liberal Arts Fellow at the New School and a 2017 Next City Urban Vanguard Fellow.  

MaryAnn Martinez

MaryAnn Martinez is a non-profit director and interdisciplinary food systems scholar with a Master’s in Sustainable Food Systems from Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. She is currently a PhD candidate at Antioch Graduate School of Leadership and Change. Her current project is a mixed methods analysis of leadership practice in a complex emergent values driven staple foods network. In addition, MaryAnn has over 10 years of experience as a vegetable and livestock farmer, in both for-profit and social enterprises.

Lisa Trocchia

Lisa Trocchia, PhD, is an interdisciplinary food systems scholar and Associate Faculty at Prescott College. She uses the study of complex adaptive systems and networks to engage with communities in the spaces where food and transformative social change intersect. An experienced facilitator and educator, Dr. Trocchia has been involved with asset-based sustainable community development initiatives in Appalachian Ohio for nearly twenty years.

Leah Ferguson

Leah Ferguson is a Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator with Circle Forward Partners, LLC. She has nearly two decades of work in policy, systems, and environmental change working alongside rural people in Texas, North Carolina, and Central Appalachia. She supports organizations, networks, and leaders to build trusting relationships through consent based practice, understand their assets, and visualize soft and hard systems. She is also working on her Doctorate in Public Health at East Tennessee State University.

Kristin Johnstad

Kristin Johnstad’s consulting practice focuses on strengthening the capacity of individuals, networks and communities to address such complex challenges as access to healthy food, equitable youth and family outcomes, health and economic disparities. Her areas of network expertise include: coaching, training, facilitating peer-learning models, designing community engagement strategies, and helping others get excited about using data to mobilize, plan and take collective action. She is currently working with three rural health networks and a statewide initiative on culturally-based healing and mind-body practices.

Dr. Lakisha Davis-Flagg

Dr. Davis-Flagg is a U.S. Army Public Health Nurse and currently serves at Joint Base San Antonio, TX as the Executive Officer for the Medical Corps Chief’s Office. Her areas of interest are public health workforce development, community/clinical collaboration, and health policy.

Dr. Emily Carroll

Dr. Emily Carroll is the President and Managing Partner of Janus Analytics, LLC. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Policy from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, her MSHS in Public Health from Touro University (California), her MA in Political Science from the University of Akron (Ohio), and her BA in Women’s Studies with a minor in Psychology from Bowling Green State University (Ohio). Dr. Carroll is committed to social justice issues and uses the skills acquired through education and experience to inform public health policy and practice.

Derrick Rhayn

Derrick Rhayn is the Chief Catalyst at Networks for Change, a Puget Sound based consulting firm specializing in building the capacity of social change networks and nonprofit organizations through consulting, training, and coaching. Derrick focuses on facilitating increased connectivity within networks and nonprofits as a way of unleashing their potential, mobilizing their hidden assets, and generating innovative solutions with an orientation towards systems change. Derrick has spent his entire career in the nonprofit sector, and has a passion for fund development, emerging economic models, and food systems.

Dallice Joyner

Dallice Joyner is currently an independent consultant developing programming and presentations for targeted populations. Her subject matter expertise is focused on administrative and programmatic leadership in healthcare and human services. She is also strongly skilled in developing and implementing strategic initiatives and change management, producing strong and practical outcomes. She has been a nonprofit Executive Director and most recently completed a Deputy Director Assignment with a re-entry program for justice involved women.

Bettina Byrd-Giles

Bettina Byrd-Giles is an experienced health equity and diversity consultant. She is a Culture of Health Leader Alumna, one of the four leadership for better health programs sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Bettina is a founder of Ensley Alive, a network leadership collaborative that is shifting perceptions in a community in Birmingham, AL.

Yasmin Yonis

Yasmin Yonis is a movement chaplain, working within justice organizations to care for activists and community members. She is also a facilitator, coach, and network weaver and provides support to organizations and foundations to do their work in more equitable, creative ways. Yasmin has a Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Social Ethics and Bachelor’s degree in journalism with a background in racial justice, prison re-entry, immigration, and human rights organizations.

Sadia Hassan

Sadia Hassan is a writer and college success coach working to support the needs of first generation college students using the co-active coaching model. She is also a facilitator and network weaver who has enjoyed helping organizations use a human-centered design approach to think through inclusive, equitable, and participatory processes for capacity building. She is especially adept at facilitating conversations around power and sexual violence and believes deeply in using storytelling practice as a means of community engagement and strategy building. She is an MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Mississippi and has a Bachelor’s degree in African/African-American Studies from Dartmouth College. 

How to request support of our Facilitator’s Pool

To request support of our Facilitator’s pool and to be matched, please fill out our form here. For any other questions, please contact Denisha at

Network Leadership Modules
Our Basic and Intermediate Network Leadership modules have been refined to engage and train potential network participants to adopt network principles and the behaviors they need to lead in networks. These trainings can be delivered virtually or in person.

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