Collective action drives health in our communities.

The Well-being and Equity Bridging (WEB) Network is a network of multiple organizations, groups, and people working on multifaceted issues to develop solutions that give people a fair and just opportunity to lead the healthiest lives possible.

What we believe

We recognize  we must work together to dismantle inequity in order to ensure we all experience full and healthy lives. We believe that everyone deserves to live, learn, work, and play in places that support their overall well-being. We see power in using our experiences and expertise to develop solutions that support healthy living, because we want to see our communities thrive and realize their fullest potential.

What we do

  • Meetups – We facilitate virtual and in-person gatherings that create space for people from various backgrounds to build relationships, find others with common interests, and self-organize to experiment with new ways to drive health-related systemic change.
  • Facilitators Pool – We have a pool of facilitators trained in network weaving and action coaching who are available to support the self-organizing initiative of members of the network. If you have an idea and would like to engage others in the network in moving your idea forward, e.g. a local meet-up, work on a specific issue, a learning focused meeting, you can request the support of one of the facilitators who can help with outreach, creating doodles, stewarding the use of technology, meeting design and documentation. If you would like help, contact Denisha: denisha@wellbeingandequity.net.
  • Community Well-Being Warriors Challenge – This Challenge is your opportunity to shine a light on people, businesses, and organizations working to support every person in their communities to live the healthiest lives possible by investing their time and energy into bettering the communities they are apart of. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nurse, a firefighter, a parent, or a custodian, you play an important role in supporting the health of your community.

Values that Guide our Work

  • Collaboration – We take advantage of opportunities to build trust relationships, so that we may work with and learn from those in and outside of our networks.
  • Transparency – We openly share information about our processes, and welcome others to offer insight on innovative ways to practice our work.
  • Equity – We are proactively working to understand privilege, dismantle structural inequity, and encourage open conversations about power as it functions in our lives and our work.
  • Learning by Doing – We experiment with new approaches in order to tackle inequities in health and offer solutions to long-standing obstacles.
  • Self-Organizing – We strive to facilitate an environment in which every person in our network feels equipped to take action on their ideas and collaborate with others to push their work forward.   
  • Health – We believe that everyone should have access to the conditions and support they need to lead full, healthy lives, and that we all have a role to play in supporting the health of our communities.

Meet our Well-Being Warriors!

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Risk-Taking for Racial Justice: Building Networks That Support Us

This June, the Minneapolis St. Paul (MSP) Network Weavers Community of Practice hosted our semi-annual day long gathering. The topic was Risk-Taking for Racial Justice: Building Networks that Support Us. Our facilitation team collaboratively wrote this blog to share some of the learning and insights we gained from the event – we hope you enjoy! …